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EACH-WAY BETTING & EXTRA PLACES: How I Make My Biggest Profits


The Free Bet Calculator is the premier online sports bet calculator, offering the most comprehensive range of bets and settling options. All of the most popular bet types available from both online and high-street bookmakers are supported, with options to adjust various parameters to reflect your bookmaker’s settlement rules. Is your each way bet equally divided? Have you ever fancied a flutter on one of the more complicated bets, but wasn’t sure how much it would cost, or how much you could win?

Do you want to limit the amount you spend, and need to be able to work out the unit stake. Use our calculator to calculate your returns from 2 bets on 1 selection, also known as an each way bet. Odds Converter Lucky 15 Calculator Lucky 31 Calculator Lucky 63 Calculator Patent Calculator Yankee Calculator Super Yankee Calculator.

New customers only Minimum deposit of 10 using deposit code FB10 A qualifying bet is a real money’ stake of at least 10 placed on any sports market Minimum odds of 12 Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days Free bet stakes not included in returns -Deposit method and withdrawal restrictions apply. The each way calculator simplifies the process of each way arbing and doing extra place offers.

Just fill in the fields and the calculator will do the rest! Once you’re comfortable with your matched betting, why not give one of these a try to make a bit of extra cash Bet Alchemist. Make money with this popular horse racing tipster service that focuses on each way value bets. And it covers all possible bets acting as an each-way bet calculator, a horse racing bet calculator, as well as everything else you can think of.

Lucky 31 Calculator A Lucky 31’ is a bet across 5 selections 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 singles, 5 four-fold accumulators and 1 five-fold accumulator.

Again, one winner gives a return. Lucky 63 Calculator A Lucky 63’ consists of 63 bets across 6 selections 15 doubles, 10 trebles, 6 singles, 6 five-folds, 15 four-folds and 1 six-fold. Heinz Calculator A Heinz’ is made up of 57 bets across 6 selections 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold accumulator. Thanks to our each way matched betting calculator, we can figure out any potential each way back and lay bets that you need to make to profit from extra place offers and enhanced odds.

There are a few more numbers to fill in than the standard matched betting calculator, but we’ll explain exactly how to enter the numbers and calculate your returns from EW betting here. Date Time When we place an each way bet, say 10 each way, we are essentially making two bets.

We are betting 10 that a horse will win a race and we are betting 10 that that same horse will place in that race. And by place, we commonly mean will finish in the top three or four - though this depends on the number of runners in the field. Our Each Way bet calculator can simplify this process for you. Simply enter the details of your bet, and our calculator will do the rest for you. The Each Way calculator is a tool which will quickly work out each aspect of your bet.

Enter the details of your bet, including odds, stake and your bookmaker’s EW terms. The Each Way calculator will then display how much profit you could make. A good way to use the Each Way calculator is to enter the information of potential bets. So, if you’re thinking of placing an EW bet but want to work out if it’s worth it, you can use If your selection passes the post first, you have a 10 win on 41.

What if your horse doesn’t win, but is placed? This depends on the terms your bookie has set.

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Discovering how much money you stand to win on a bet can be difficult sometimes while understanding that a 71 winner will return you 70 in winnings for a 10 stake is relatively easy, what happens if you’ve backed a horse 7 each way at 1811? Use this simple betting calculator below to work out your bet returns Stake Each way So if you put your stake as 10, a 10 each way bet would actually cost Things get more complicated with bets with many selections such as Yankees, Patents and similar where there can be upwards of 10,20 or even 50 individual bets running on the one wager. Welcome to Bet calculator where as you can clearly see we provide a free bet calculator to help work out how much you have won, or could win from a huge range of bets you can place online or in your local high street betting shop.

Our free bet calculator is available to use on the website or you can get our free apps to use on the go. The main calculator above works out a different range of bet types, simply choose which you want and see how much the return will be. You can also choose from the wide range of bet specific calculators we have on offer you can work out both win and each way bets.

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Each-way betting calculators are one of the many free resources that have been created to help save time whilst betting, and they are freely available at a number of online destinations. Each-way betting requires a sporting competition in which there is a winner, as well as multiple participants who are ranked in place order below them at the end of the event.

Sporting events such as football, boxing, rugby and tennis matches only offer a winner and a loser, whereas horse racing, greyhound racing, and cycling competitions involve multiple competitors who are all ranked in respective positions at the end of the event. The simple matched betting calculator is where all matched bettors will start out.

It's often the most crucial tool for matched bettors and Profit Accumulator members when making money online. It lets us figure out how much to back and lay to make a bet risk-free. We have a video tutorial on how to use the oddsmatcher available to premium members here.

This tool helps matched bettors work out the lay stake for each-way bets. It calculates the lay stake for both elements of the each-way bet - the win and the place.

This helps because, betting exchanges regard these as two different bets. The Bet Calculator is a free tool to help calculate betting wins for all types of sports bets. Calculate your returns today and claim a Free Bet! A 5 way accumulator with 10 doubles, 10 trebles, and 5 four-fold's. Exactly the same as a Super Yankee - A 5 way accumulator with 10 doubles, 10 trebles, and 5 four-fold's.

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How To Use Betting Calculator Pick your chosen bet type whether that be a single, double, yankee etc and enter in your stake size for example ’10’ if your stake was 10. If you placed an each-way bet then tick the each-way box. Put in the odds for each of your selections ie 21, 41 etc.

Choose what happened to each individual selection ie if they won, placed, lost or were a non-runner. Use our each way bet calculator to work out your potential betting returns on each way bets.

Completely free to use with either decimal and fractional odds. You backed Tiger Roll to win the Grand National, you placed a 5 each way bet at odds of 101. That means a total stake of 10, 5 on the win and 5 on the place. The bookie is paying 6 places and the terms are 15. This means if the horse comes in positions you will win the place part at one fifth of the odds of the bet. Tiger Roll wins the national so both parts of our bet have won.

Win 5 at 101 pays 55 5 x 10 50 plus our 5 stake back. Place A fifth of 101 is 21 10 divided by 5 so the place part of the bet is paid as 5 at 21 15 5 x 2. Calculate all your each way bets and returns using our free each way calculator. Check out our other free betting tools.

A 10 each way bet on a horse is 10 on the win and 10 on the place. This means the horse doesn’t have to win for us to get a return. It just has to finish in the top 3. Sometimes bookies pay more than 3 places but standard terms are 3 places. Depending on the odds we may finish at a loss on our bet even if the horse does place. Each way terms are usually 14 of the win odds. Meaning that our returns might be very small if the favourite places.

If it’s a long odds horse we can still make a good profit just from the place. If the horse wins the race then we win both p. The bet calculator helps you to see how much you have won on your bet. Enter your stake, select odds, and place terms 12, 13, 14 or 15 and you can see what your winning return is on your bet. Bet online with concordium.us and get great returns on our fantastic betting odds.

A Single is a bet on one selection in one event. Your selection must be successful to get a return. You bet on a horse to Win or be Placed. However the term Placed can vary depending on the type of race and the number of runners The place portion of this bet pays out at 14 of the win odds.

A 1 unit stake Each Way bet would cost 2 1 to win + 1 to place.

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This online each-way betting calculator determines all possible outcomes from an each-way wager, which is a popular horse racing bet. With most bookmakers if you place a 5 each-way bet you are actually wagering 5 on the selection to win and 5 for the selection to place. Some bookmakers enable you to enter the total stake amount instead, so if you place a 5 each-way bet you are actually wagering on the selection to win and for the selection to place.

Enter the win odds and the place odds either directly e.g. Or as a fraction of the win odds e.g.

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Enter any applicable deductions leave as 0 if you are unsure along with the total stake that will be applied for each. The Each Way bet is ideal if you fancy a horse to do well, but not necessarily to win.

When you bet Each Way’ you are actually having two bets in one, the first bet is that your horse will win, the second bet is that your horse will be placed 2nd, or in fields of 16+ runners, even a place will win you money.

You can’t bet on a horse each way if the race has less than 5 runners and a race with 5 7 runners will only pay out on a place. It’s also worth noting that if your horse doesn’t win but is placed usually 2nd, 3rd you will only get 14 or 15 of the quoted odds. Remember that an each way bet is actually made up of two bets, so if you bet 5 each way, your total bet cost will be 10 5 on the win and 5 on the place.

September 4, by Bet Calculator. Each Way If you’re betting each way, turn this on. See our guide to each way bets for more information on how these bets work. Rule 4 If another horse in the race withdraws, your odds, and therefore winnings will probably be adjusted. This is an auto-populated field that refers to the number of the selection. Outcome Specify how the selection fared.

Pick from one of the following winner, placed, dead heat, lost or void non-runner.

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Matched Betting Blog Each Way Calculator. The Each Way Expert Risk Free Method - how to make risk-free daily profits from each way races - Laptop Life HQ 2. Top 5 most brutal poker bad beats ever. For each-way bets the consolation is paid only on the win part of the bet. Lucky 15 bets are accepted on horse racing and greyhounds only. Also Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 exist.

Get Your William Hill Sign Up Offer Bet 10 Get 30! The profit return on that 15 stake is 1, with a 10 win bonus which is a very high percentage return for such a small stake. Were this dream example to happen, then you would not just be winning fifteen 41 bets at a 1 stake each.

Remember that you have placed wagers on multiple bets, so within this example you would be winning Four Single Bets, Six Double Bets, 4 Treble Bets and the Fourfold Accumulator all at 41 each. We present you with our classic manual surebets calculator. This tool will help you check whether given odds guarantee you an opportunity to win, and also allow you to quickly calculate the necessary amount of bets, overlap leverage and ensure a profit regardless of the final result of an event.

By adding odds in the respective fields, it shows the profit and how much to bet on each market in order to get a guaranteed profit. The unique part of our Surebets calculator is that it offers live surebets. This tool will be useful for both beginners and experienced betters allowing them to increase.

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Free Each Way Betting Calculator. Each-way bets are wagers placed on a selection to either win or finish close to the front.

Most typically found in horse racing, an each-way bet will see a return on a horse that finished first or second in five, six or seven runner races.

Places one, two, and three are paid in races with eight to 15+ runners and handicap races with 16 or more runners will payout on horses that finishes amongst the first-four. Stake A 10 each-way bet, which will cost 20, will see 10 of stakes placed on the section to win and an additional 10 on the place part of the bet at a fraction of the win odds.

Typically this fraction is 14 or 1So a 41 winner with 10 each-way placed on it and each-way terms of 14 odds will receive a return of. Use this matched betting calculator to calculate your lay stakes which need to be placed at the betting exchange. This the calculator below to calculate your lay stake with any of the exchanges. The calculator will also tell you what your qualifying loss is, and what your profit is with freebets. Normal free bet SNR free bet sr. Calculate your profit for 10 fold Accumulator bets.

Betting odds updated instantly. Clicking that link will add 10 bets into the calculator. Yes, that's over 8, for a 1 stake, even with some pretty short odds thrown in. Of course, as with any accumulator, if just one of those loses then all bets are off.

So, is the accumulator a good bet for punters? Well, it can certainly be a fun bet. We have a full list, along with an explanation of each one's terms and conditions, inside the members' area. More info on the 10 fold Accumulator. Wikipedia - Wikipedia's 10 fold Accumulator definition. Copyright FreeBetCalc Terms Conditions.

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When placing a bet with Ladbrokes or any other bookmaker for that matter using a betting calculator is a great way of keeping track of how much you can expect to win, especially when placing bets that include multiple selections. When bookmakers first started doing business, these calculations used to have to be done manually, which meant quick mental arithmetic skills were a must however, there are now sophisticated betting calculators that can do all this for us, and the Ladbrokes bet calc is no different. Odds format Decimals Fractions American.

Bet amount It is a free tool that calculates the cost and winning return of every different bet type. It is the perfect accompaniment for your horse and sports betting needs.

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Each Way betting gives you a return even if your horse doesn’t win. For bigger price horses, this could still be at significant odds. How does an Each Way bet work? When you place an Each Way bet, you are actually placing two wagers for twice the stake. The first part of the bet concerns the win, and for you to see a return from this part of the wager, your selection must be declared the event’s winner.

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Part two is named the place’ bet and will produce a return if your selection either wins or finishes in one of the place positions. Supposed you bet for 20 you will be placing a bet of 10 for the win and the balance 10 for the second and third place.

Hence, even if you do not forecast the winning horse correctly, you still stand to win some money if the horses you have betted comes either or On the other side if you are able to predict the winner correctly while failing on other bets you still continue to make money. To understand this form of betting you also must have a decent understanding of Each Way Bet calculator. This is a simple calculator which will help you to decide on the amount you will be punting for win and places.

Today it is available online, and just by filling up the required information you will be able to know the amount that you will have to bet. Use our free bet calculator tools. Select a stake and enter your odds, or choose from our live odds selections - we show chances of winning and possible returns. Here you will find all the information you find dedicated pages to guide you through betting on each sport or event.

Accumulator Calculator Premier League Calculator. Howtobet4free’s easy to use Bet Calculator shows you the profit, returns and chance of winning on single, multiple, spread and accumulator bets. Simply input the odds to get started and leave the mental maths in the classroom!.

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Bets calculator allows you to count, calculate, find out and to evaluate indicators for predictions in sports betting. Bets calculator works online and offline, you can use it 24 hours a day.

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Based on the information you entered, there will be calculated data that will help you to bet and win in the sportsbooks online. Bets calculator Odds converter Sure betting System betting Asian handicap total ROI Value betting Margin European handicap Fixed profit Break even Odds making Dutching S8 Kelly criterion.

Why sports betting is better than a regular office job?. Each Way Arbing allows you to lock in profits on a certain horse but with a twist. Half of your wager goes to the Win market and the other goes to the Place market. The selection goes to the bet slip and you check the each win box and enter a stake of Since the each way market works similarly to system bets, this means you have two bets of 10 each. The first one is backing horse A to Win the race and will be profitable if the horse finishes in place.

The second 10 wager backs horse A to Place or finish anywhere between or As a result, if the horse finishes 1st, you win both bets. If it finishes or 3rd, you lose the win half of the bet but the place part returns a profit.

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The each-way betting calculator has all bases covered. You can add each-way, change the place terms, alter the result and even add in non-runners to the list. If you know the bet, result and the odds, the calculator will tell you how much you can expect to see as a return. This is a great piece of kit and it ensures you will never again be paid out less than you were expecting. When using the each-way calculator, however, it’s worth checking if there are any rule 4’s in your bets as these could affect the returns you are due.

The more information you add to the bet calculator the more accurate.

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An each-way bet is a wager offered by bookmakers consisting of two separate bets a win bet and a place bet. For the win part of the bet to give a return, the selection must win, or finish first, in the event. For the place part of the bet to give a return, the selection must either win or finish in one of the predetermined places for the event, such as first place or second place.

The odds paid on the place part of the bet are usually a fraction commonly 12, 13, 14 or 15 of the win odds.

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Arb Cruncher is a sports betting calculator that calculates level-profit stakes for arbing arbitrage, dutching, trading Draw No Bet betting. The free Arb Cruncher calculator is shown below and is available for your immediate use. Select your betting calculator from the dropdown menus beside Multiback or Position Squarer and just enter your bet details in the white input boxes. Open Arb Cruncher betting calculator in popup window.

Chrome 76 now blocks Flash by default, but it's easy enough to re-enable Flash. All you have to do is click on the blocked plugin icon in the address bar Chrome's Omnibox and select Manage and then Ask First.

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Quick and easy simple betting calculator. Calculate how much your bet has won - whether win, place or each way. If you're making an Each-way bet, enter the individual stake, but remember that it will cost you double i.e.

A '20 pound each way' bet is, in fact, 2 20 bets, so it costs you But for the calculator, enter it as If you're unsure of any of these terms, please check out Betting odds explained and Different types of sports bets.

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Use the double bet calculator below to calculate your winning for both win and each way EW double bets quickly and for free! Working out how much your winnings are on a double bet are usually quite easy. However it does get more complicated depending on the amount stakes and crucially the odds of the winners. Each way or EW double are slightly more complicated, if you choose 2 horse races and 1 wins and the other gets placed then you have the each way part of the bet up.

If both your choices win you have both the win win and the each way bet up, so it’s happy days. Example of each way double bet calculation.

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Surebet calculator for 2 or 3 way sport arbs. Calculate stakes with our calculator and bet on surebets online. Our online surebet calculator will greatly facilitate your work, allowing you to instantly find and automatically calculate surebets at any bookmaker. With the help of it you can 1. Calculate the sums needed to bet. Calculate the expected profit of the surebets. Calculate the sum to cover arb's shoulder at another bookmaker.

Calculate stakes on 2- and 3-way surebets, using various formulas. Just enter the initial data outcomes, formula, odds, commission, and the surebet calculator instantly shows the sum to bet and your profit in the selected currency.

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However, the single loss in the selection would lead to loss of the entire bet which can be found using the parlay bet calculator. Enter the required details in the accumulator calculator and find outlay, profit, and return. Code to add this calci to your website. Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator. The parlay bet calculator is used to calculate the profit of betting.

The parlay betting is one of the most popular bettings in sports. Find the amount of money spend and returned betting using the accumulator calculator.

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Each way bets are difficult to understand for new players and more often than note they struggle to do that mat. Therefore, Bettingmetrics has developed and each way bet calculator that enables newbies to stay as informed as possible. This bet type is available as an option on the exchanges where the player takes the role of the bookie and bets against other punters.

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Contribute to irekovicbetcalculator development by creating an account on GitHub. When I calculate each-way bet with accumulators settled as "w2wp2p" and atc settled as "eqdiv". Then numberofbets should be "8". And totalstake should be "80".

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Lucky 15 bet calculator - Calculate how much you can win or have won from your Lucky 15 bet with our free online Lucky 15 and Lucky 15 Each-Way calculator tool. It includes Rule4, EW calculator, Bonus percentage, Consolation Bonus, Decimal, American and U. Your four selections of horses are all at 101. If all four horses were to win, using our Lucky 15 Calculator, that tells us you that you’d receive a profit of 22, This is because within the wager you’d be winning four single bets, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

In fact, the accumulator alone would guarantee you over 14, in this case.

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The Betting Odds Calculator helps you quickly and easily work out winnings from any combination of bets you can think of. Select your bets, and whether they win, lose or place, selecting the each way odds in the process. Then place stakes on any combination of bets for your selection and let the app calculate your winnings.

Simple, yet effective means to see your potential income.

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If you would like to check the profit and returns from an each-way bet, use this simple calculator. The pre-filled defaults show the format you should use for this to work.

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Calculate Accumulators, Lucky 15's, Each Ways, Doubles, Trebles and more. The Odds Calculator is a tremendous way to calculate your potential winnings when it comes to placing multiple bets including accumulators. Accumulator bets enable customers to win large amounts of money from betting a small stake on the outcome of several matches, with a bigger potential return coming from including more selections on your bet slip. Simply add the number of games below in accordance with the accumulator bet that you are placing.

An accumulator bet is a great way of including several short-priced selections for a bigger return. Welcome to our Odds Calculator page.

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Your source of free betting tips, free football predictions, free odds comparison and match concordium.usn Bet Calculator and Odds Calculator Determine your potential winnings on accumulators using our Bet Calculator, Odds Calculator, Calculate Accumulators, Lucky 15, Each Way, Doubles, Trebles and more. Supports EW, Dead Heats, Rule 4., key features and key question way to predict soccer is, what knowledge are we tend to aiming to use to assess team performance and potential.

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This happens thanks to the way the bet is built, all the events that you wager on in a slip will be played in many different combinations, and correlates to the number of predictions in the system.

For example, if you want to bet on three events, you can play a Trixie consisting of three doubles and one treble. The most common type of bet is the single bet, and you use it to bet on a single game. When you enter more than three events on a betslip, the bookmaker should offer you two ways to play the bet, the multiple or the system.

We bet 1 for each line, 26 combinations overall. The maximum possible payout would be, but one result is wrong. Do not worry, we would still win.

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Bet 10 Get Under the terms of this Promotion, eligible members will receive 30 in free bets at the Site. In order to receive the welcome offer, members must first place a qualifying bet. A qualifying bet is a real money’ stake of at least 10 with odds of 12 or greater,placed on any sports markets. Free bet stakes, Permutation and Void bets do not qualify for this promotion. Bets that are Cashed Out’ do not qualify.

First qualifying bet must be placed within 30 days of registration. Free bet tokens cannot be redeemed on each way bets or Permutations. Free bet tokens must be used in their entirety. They cannot be used to place a succession of smaller bets.

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Download Bet Calculator UK and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the results from this calculator it is your responsibility to verify all aspects of your bet with the bookmaker before placing it. Leave feedback and contact us at concordium.us or email enquiryconcordium.us.

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The easiest way to calculate the potential returns of an accumulator bet is to first convert the fractional odds for each selection into decimal odds. The overall odds of the accumulator winning is then the product of all the decimal odds in your accumulator. We saw above that a 31 price represents a 25 chance of winning, so its decimal odds are 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds and a fivefold. 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and a sixfold. If we were to include each way betting that would open a whole new can of worms, which I may do one day, but for now these are the types of bets I wanted my code to support.

Now, finally let’s talk about programming!.

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An each way Canadian is double the stake of a straight Win’ and consists of 52 bets 26 bets for the selections to win and 26 bets for the selections to place.

You can read more on what an each way bet is with our each way betting ultimate guide. How To Calculate The Returns Of A Canadian Bet. Due to its complexity, manually working out the returns can be quite tedious. Instead, we’d suggest using a Canadian Bet calculator like this one from BetVictor that will automatically do the number crunching for you. Also known as a Super Yankee, a Canadian bet consists of 5 selections and includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-folds and 1 5-fold.

The advantage of this bet is that you only need two successful selections to generate a return.

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Download Bet Calculator apk for Android. Work out your sports bet returns with the concordium.us betting odds calculator. Free, easy to use and accurate, the betting odds calculator supports a wide variety of options including each ways, accumulator perms and bookmaker bonuses.

Supports all major bet types, whether you need to work out an accumulator for the football or an each way lucky 15, way we've got you covered. Supports both mobiles and tablets. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this apps results, it is your responsibility to verify all aspects of your bet with the bookmaker before placing it.

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